Cloud <br/> Solutions


Subscription-based services and solutions. They serve as a comprehensive infrastructure that enhances Government operations often at significantly less cost than internal IT infrastructures.

Cyber <br/> Security


Cybersecurity is the strategic defense that the government implements to protect digital systems and data. It protects against threats that can lead to digital systems disruption or data theft. 

Managed <br/> IT services

IT services

Managed IT Services is the outsourcing of IT operations to an external service provider. This covers government IT operations from design and implementation to monitoring, management, and support.

When it comes to creating and managing the IT infrastructure for a government entity, network security, reliability, and efficiency are necessities. Starfire Dynamics leverages its expertise in both IT and government compliance guidelines to create optimized IT, ERP, and cloud solutions for its clients.

Our managed IT services and solutions include top notch, ongoing network security and reliable help desk support for client personnel. We also ensure hardware redundancy, backups, and antivirus and spyware protection to protect against external threats. All of this comes at a fraction of the cost it would take to do so in-house, and clients receive ongoing maintenance and real-time updates to ensure the highest level of performance and security.

Starfire Dynamics also has the flexibility to grow its services alongside your operations. We can scale with your organization’s needs while enhancing business operations, analytics, insights, reporting, and project management.


541512 Computer Systems Design Services
541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
541519 Other Computer Related Services
541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541613 Marketing Consulting Services
541614 Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services
541618 Other Management Consulting Services
541690 Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
518210 Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services

Program Manager

Contract Program Manager Joseph Sehwani
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Primary NAICS 541512
STARS III Contact Number 47QTCB21D0361
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