SOX and GRC Services

12 Jun 2020

SOX and GRC Services

To understand our SOX and GRC services, it is important to first understand what SOX and GRC are. SOX refers to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that protects shareholders and investors from fraudulent financial reporting by a corporation. This is to ensure accurate accounting and transparency from a company to the general public. While GRC stands for governance, risk, and control. GRC improves the internal frameworks and controls of a company to help accomplish goals and meet expectations.

Starfire Dynamics’ SOX and GRC services design and implement changes to increase efficiency and enhance risk management of internal controls for our clients. By establishing proper preventative measures our clients can avoid digital risks that may leave the company vulnerable. These services are comprised of the following:

ERP’s (SAP and Oracle) Risks and Control:

  • GRC Design
  • GRC Implementation
  • GRC Testing
  • Ruleset Development
  • Ruleset Maintenance
  • Firefighters Logs Management

IT Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance:

  • SOX Risks Assessment
  • SOX Controls Rationalizations
  • Controls Automation
  • SOX Controls Testing
  • SOX Third Party and SSAE/SOC Report Testing

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